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Design, e-commerce and sustainable development highlights

9-11 Oct 2021 • Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

The rescheduled Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles, now taking place from 9 – 11 October, will once again provide the industry with insight into the future through its fringe programme’s four categories: Design Inspiration, Business O2O, Textiles & Technologies and Industry Empowerment. And with the Online Business Matching sourcing platform returning this edition, buyers worldwide can still participate in the fair.

Each of the fringe programme’s four categories – Design Inspiration, Business O2O (online to offline), Textiles & Technologies and Industry Empowerment – features a mix of conferences, seminars and presentations that reflect the future of the home textile industry.

Design Inspiration: creative ideas from around the world
A series of presentations will take place from leading international designers, including from China, Japan and Europe, to share their design insights in the Design Talk series. Speakers and their topics included:

• How to Design the Future – New Fashion and New Culture for our New Industry and New Society: Prof Simon Collins, Chief Creative of Design Innovation Institute Shanghai, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Tsinghua University
• Fabric in Architecture – Transcending The Surface – Conceptions Between Material and Culture: Ms Binke Lenhardt, Co-founder and Partner, CROSSBOUNDARIES
• The Simplicity of the Modern Japanese Lifestyle Aesthetic – a Fusion of Beauty, Texture and Function: Mr Akiyuki Sasaki, Founder, IKASAS Design
• Analysis on the Change of Modern Popular Spatial Trends: Ms Meng Zhao, Design Director, Beijing Guofu Zongheng and Chief Tutor, Home Designer Certification Education

New Voices of Top Youth Upholstery Designers – Intertextile Upholstery Design and City Roving Exhibition
Outstanding young local designers selected by associations and institutions from six cities across China – Chengdu, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Suzhou and Wenzhou – will represent the interior design ideas of their generation through displays and a forum. They will design and create window display spaces which reflect the design ethos of their city by using home furnishing and contract business products in order to express their understanding of and attitudes towards the upcoming home textile trends by the new generation of Chinese designers. The Best City Showcase and Best Designer will be voted on by exhibitors, visitors and media.

The forum will feature these six designers speaking on topics that have a connection to their cities under the theme ‘CITY WINDOW: the windows of a city reflect the epitome of a better life’. Cities cannot be simply categorised, just as design cannot be easily defined. Cities, humanity and nature have become the way people face the world, with design as a conduit.

Business O2O: cross-border and innovative e-commerce seminars
The pandemic has shifted more consumer shopping online, accelerating an expansion of e-commerce which has become a new driving force behind global trade. A number of seminars in this category will take place, including:

• JD Home Textiles’ Development Trends and Operations Strategy Sharing Seminar: Mr Jiaqiang Wang, Director, Textile Dept, Beijing Jingdong Century Trading
• How Ali-Express Helps Chinese Products Sell Globally with Integrated Digital Solutions: Mr Dong, Business Development Manager, Alibaba (China) Network Technology
• Home Textile Marketing and Opportunities of Ali-Express: Mr Luke Li, Home Textile Operator Ali-Express of Alibaba Group, Alibaba (China) Network Technology
• Digital Transformation of the Industrial Belt in the Home Textiles Industry: Mr Cheng Ying, PIC of Home Textiles, Zhejiang Tmall Technology
• The Key to Taxation and Compliance as a Seller Facing the European Market: Mr Peter Zhang, VAT Director, Shenzhen eVAT Master Technology

Textiles & Technologies: sustainable development in the textile industry
How textiles can sustainably reshape human life and living environments is becoming one of the most important directions for the development of the textile industry. Sustainable development in the industry is the overarching theme of this category, with key events including:

• Digital Transformation for Sustainable Home Textiles – New Era, New Trend: Mr William Hong, Business Development Manager, Greater China Region, Kornit Digital
• Smart Factories – the Whole Factory Solution for Intelligent Production of Finished Curtains: Mr Jiangchuan Cai, General Manager, Zhongfeng Lihua (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology
• How Sustainable Fashion is Reshaping Lifestyles: convened by Prof Mingwei Zhao, Director of International Cooperation Office, Donghua University
• MADE IN GREEN – the Traceable Consumer Label for Sustainable Textiles: Ms Kit Zhao, Operations Manager, TESTEX (Shanghai) Textile Testing

Since 2019, Messe Frankfurt has been working with the Conscious Fashion Campaign and United Nations Office for Partnerships as part of the Texpertise Network and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The goals will be presented gradually at global textile events in order to highlight the most pressing challenges facing the textile and fashion industry worldwide.

Industry Empowerment: antimicrobial technologies and licensing in the home textile sector
Growing awareness of health and hygiene has increased the demand for antimicrobial and other functional textiles. Seminars hosted by the Chinese Industry Association for Antimicrobial Materials & Products will further discuss the increasing prominence of these textiles, as well as how the adoption of new antimicrobial textile technologies is expected to evolve in the future. In addition, experts will share the new trends of licensing and IP with case studies for the furniture companies and fabric brands.

2022 China Home Textile Trends
The China Home Textiles Trend Area will feature the research of the China Home Textile Association, The Department of Home Textile Trend Research and Promotion and Concept & Style Fashion Project Group Italy who shared their knowledge, inspirations and exchanged their visions of trend evolutions considering consumer demand, retail expertise, the contract market and new technologies.

Four themes have been developed to express the spirit of the 2022 China Home Textile Trends:

• Gypsum: earthy and ethereal, Gypsum embodies the timeless beauty of the natural forms while offering a fresh perspective on design.
• Connected: the fabric of our society is made of human connections, and nowadays feeling connected is more critical than ever. In a year where mankind rediscovered the meaning of isolation, future design should help people reconnect with each other.
• Lush: exoticism has always fascinated men with ideas and styles from distant lands. Lush takes us to the heart of a sumptuous mystical rainforest populated by colourful eccentric patterns and textures.
• Bloomcore celebrates the renaissance, the astounding power of nature reborn after the storm, the ravishing marvel of flowers re-blossoming after each winter. It is an inspiration for men to rise again after each fall.

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