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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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If you ended up on this page, it's certain that you received an email from us or saw an advertisement online. Now, it is my pleasure to take this opportunity to personally invite you to take a closer look at FURNITURE AFFAIRS Intl.

In an era marked by the most challenging period for modern international trade, the essence of FURNITURE AFFAIRS Intl. has become a testament to resilience and unyielding commitment to connecting the global market. Our name not only represents the core of our business — dealing with furnishing and interior market data and analysis — but also symbolizes the intricate and profound relationships we foster within the industry and beyond.

During the challenges of the pandemic, followed by escalating geopolitical crises and conflicts worldwide, our mission crystallized into something greater than mere reporting on the furniture market. It became about overcoming barriers — also those imposed by market volatilities and cultural divides. This mission is encapsulated in our slogan,
There are borders, but we are one.

This reflects our commitment to unify stakeholders across diverse geographies, offering clarity and strategic insights in turbulent times through comprehensive data analysis, innovative market research, and enduring partnerships. It underscores our belief that while nations may be delineated by boundaries, the human and corporate spirit transcends these limits. We see a world interconnected, where the flow of ideas, creativity, and insights persists despite the odds, fostering a shared progress that benefits all.


We are proud to stand at the forefront of the furniture and furnishing industry's evolution in Central Asia, Transcaucasia, and the CIS countries. Our mission is deeply rooted in our commitment to empowering industry players with unparalleled market insights and innovative marketing solutions.

Navigating the Future of the Furniture Industry with Expertise and Innovation: We commit ourselves to empowering furniture market players with the most up-to-date market data, analytics, and targeted marketing solutions, enabling them to thrive in emerging markets under any geopolitical circumstances. This mission encompasses not only domestic players but also foreign international brands of furniture and furnishing, furniture materials and components, equipment, and machinery manufacturers just entering these promising markets.

We are committed to deepening business insights through advanced market reports, enabling our clients to anticipate trends and make informed decisions. In the meantime, our customized digital marketing solutions are designed to resonate with diverse market segments, ensuring that our clients' campaigns achieve maximum impact and engagement.

Empowering Through Data: We believe in the transformative power of accurate, actionable data. Our mission is to serve as the ultimate source for the latest analytics on the burgeoning furniture markets. Through our in-depth market studies, tailored to the specific needs of each client, we provide invaluable insights into consumer demand, market trends, and competitive landscapes. Our goal is to equip our clients with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions, develop successful offerings, and build the right marketing strategies to maintain and enhance their brand competitiveness.

Recognizing the hunger for industry news and the effort to penetrate new markets, we stand as a bridge connecting international business with the most promising markets of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. By providing a media platform and market reports that offer a comprehensive analysis of the furniture industries and macroeconomy in English, we aim to fill the information gap and promote the sector on an international scale.

Connecting Through Marketing: By leveraging our expertise in direct mailing and online advertising, we aim to support cross-border furniture market players and event organizers in promoting their products and events across these Eurasian countries. Our comprehensive digital marketing services are designed to attract buyers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, interior designers, manufacturers, and suppliers, fostering growth and development in the furniture industry.

Commitment to Our Clients: We are dedicated to cheering for our clients' success, guiding them through the focused region with our ready-made solutions. Our fair and transparent pricing, combined with our commitment to technology and service excellence, ensures that we deliver high-quality traffic and effective online advertising campaigns, bringing our clients closer to achieving their business objectives.

At Furniture Affairs Intl., our mission is to be an indispensable partner to the furniture industry, driving growth, fostering innovation, and supporting our clients every step of the way. Together, we are not just navigating the future of the furniture industry — we are shaping it.


FURNITURE AFFAIRS Intl. stands not just as a business entity but as a lantern of unity and innovation in the furniture industry, driving forward with the conviction that together, we can achieve the  extraordinary, no matter the circumstances.

We'd be glad to have you aboard sharing this path of the industry mission together at


Artem V. Vasiliev

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of FURNITURE AFFAIRS Intl.