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Uzbekistan agrees with Iran on cargo transit

Uzbekistan and Iran will develop cooperation in the transport sector. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan. The Minister of Transport of Uzbekistan Ilhom Mahkamov met with the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran Mehrdod Bazrposh as part of the visit of the Uzbek delegation to the Islamic Republic.

The parties agreed to resume the implementation of the Ashgabat Agreement. This agreement contributes to an increase in the speed of transportation and transit of goods through Turkmenistan, Iran and Oman. Also during the meeting, the ministers decided to start transportation along the North-South corridor connecting the markets of India, Southeast Asia and Greater Eurasia, reduce tariffs and facilitate transportation by road and rail.

These measures will provide Uzbekistan with access to the southern sea routes and help expand the geography of exports.

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