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Uzbekistan plans to involve Qatar to build the Trans-Afghan Railway

According to the Uzbekistan Ministry of Transport’s press service, the head of the transport agency, Ilhom Makhkamov, and the Qatari Deputy Minister of Transport, Hamid Isa Abdulla, held negotiations in Tashkent on October 23, where they discussed the development of bilateral cooperation. “In particular, there was an exchange of views on ensuring the participation of the state of Qatar in the implementation of the project for the construction of the Trans-Afghan Railway,” the statement said.

The construction of a railway through Afghanistan along the route Termez – Mazar-i-Sharif – Kabul – Peshawar, which will connect the railway networks of Central and South Asia, is positioned by the authorities of Uzbekistan as one of the most important foreign policy projects.

It is expected that the length of the Trans-Afghan railway will be 760 km, with an overhead power line running alongside it, the construction of 136 bridges and other similar structures, as well as the installation of three tunnels. The implementation of the project will significantly reduce the delivery time of goods to Central Asia, the CIS, and Europe.

It is expected that the transportation of goods from Pakistan to Uzbekistan will take not 35 days but 3-5 days, and the cost of transporting goods may decrease by almost three times. According to forecasts, the volume of freight traffic on this route could reach 10 million tons.

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