Monday, April 15, 2024
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Macroregional Context




The first freight train from Turkey arrived in Tashkent

The train, which departed from Izmir, covered a distance of 4,500 kilometers in 25 days, passing through the territory of Iran and Turkmenistan. A train of 40 wagons delivered household appliances. Over 250 wagons with cargo will also be delivered to Tashkent along this route soon.

The arrival of the train was the result of an agreement on the creation and development of new transport transit corridors, reached at the summit of the presidents of the Organization of Turkic States, held in Samarkand in November this year.

The press service of the Uzbekistan Railways noted that the new freight route has great potential for development and will become the fastest and most convenient way to export and import goods, significantly reducing the time and financial costs of transporting export goods to the main world and regional markets.

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