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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Relocation of international brands from Russia to Kazakhstan continues

Kazakhstan sent relocation proposals to 362 foreign companies that left the Russian market amid international sanctions. Some of them agreed, and 21 have already moved. This was announced by Almas Aidarov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Since the beginning of March, Kazakhstan has been negotiating with foreign companies that publicly announced their withdrawal or reduction of activities in the Russian market. The list is constantly being updated, as some of them immediately refused, some replied that they would follow the developments, and 62 companies gave a positive answer about their readiness to consider Kazakhstan as an alternative platform.

“In the past, companies that want to be present on the Eurasian market, to trade, to work, to sell their goods here, chose Moscow and St. Petersburg as their head offices due to the fact that the Russian economy is 10 times larger than ours. Now, due to sanctions, they have to choose other countries, and we offer alternatives – Astana and Almaty,” the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan explained.

The Deputy Minister added that Kazakhstan does not provide any special conditions for relocated companies, so they will work in a common legal field.

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