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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Macroregional Context




Kazakhstan to build a transport and logistics terminal near Tashkent

The Presidents of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan launched the construction of the largest transport and logistics center near Tashkent. The project operator will be a subsidiary of the Kazakh PTC Holding. The center itself will be located 10 kilometers from the capital of Uzbekistan.

It is assumed that the total area of storage facilities will be 248,000 square meters. m, the total capacity of railway tracks is 1,240 wagons and 11,100 units. containers. The total investment is estimated at about $300 million. The first stage of the project is planned to be implemented between 2023 and 2026.

The parties are implementing this project based on the fact that there is an urgent need to create a base logistics center for the transportation of goods from China, Southeast Asia, South Korea, the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Georgia and the Baltic States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran and Persian Gulf countries to the Republic of Uzbekistan and vice versa, which will lead to an increase in the transit cargo flow of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan through operational consolidation and the possibility of forming container trains, and, therefore, will give a significant impetus to both the transport industry and, in general, increase the economic potential of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

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