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Time for Indonesia to encourage furniture and handicraft production, both for the export market and domestic demand

14-17 Sep 2023 • IFFINA

The Association of Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industries (ASMINDO) will once again hold IFFINA, the Indonesia Meubel & Design Expo 2023, after a break of 6 years. This year marks the 10th edition of IFFINA since its first inception in 2008. The event will be supported by three relevant ministries, namely the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, the Ministry of Trade, and the Bank of Indonesia.

The furniture and handicraft industry has experienced continuous growth in its GDP over the past 6 years. In 2022 alone, the global furniture market recorded a revenue of USD 695 billion, and it is predicted to increase to USD 766 billion by the end of 2023. The Indonesian furniture industry generated a revenue of USD 2.8 billion in 2022, ranking us 17th globally and 4th in the Asian region.

The furniture industry is a strategic industry with many benefits. Besides being a strong foreign exchange earner, the furniture industry also adds significant value due to its long value chain and our abundant natural resources. Indonesia have a production forest covering an area of 68 million hectares, as well as the producer of 85% of the world’s ratan, and Indonesia also the third-largest producer of bamboo in the world after China and India. The furniture industry also provides a large amount of employment as it is a labor-intensive industry that employs 500,000 workers directly in 2021. Additionally, the furniture industry creates a broad multiplier effect for other industries and contributes to driving other sectors through the raw materials and supporting materials needed to produce furniture.

After the end of the pandemic and the resumption of cross-border trade, it is time for Indonesia to encourage furniture and handicraft production, both for the export market and domestic demand. The growth and development of the hospitality industry abroad and domestically, along with the active tourism and HoReCa industry, will undoubtedly increase the demand for furniture and handicraft products. Therefore, to continuously support and expand the marketing of Indonesian furniture and handicraft products, ASMINDO proudly presents IFFINA, the Indonesia Furniture & Design Expo 2023.

IFFINA is an internationally-scale exhibition initiated by ASMINDO. The IFFINA 2023 exhibition is the 10th edition organized by ASMINDO, and ASMINDO is proud to hold it again on September 14-17 this year at the Indonesia Convention & Exhibition (ICE) BSD, covering an area of 6 halls (30,000 sqm). The exhibition will showcase 6 main categories, namely furniture, craft, project design, homeware, home fabric, and decorative & gift. The targeted number of visitors for this exhibition is around 10,000 people, with 400 target participating companies.

ASMINDO hopes for the support and involvement of all relevant stakeholders, including the central and local government institutions, state-owned enterprises, private sector, financing institutions, environmental advocates, and, of course, the furniture and handicraft industry players. As a pioneer in organizing furniture and handicraft exhibitions in the second circle, ASMINDO hopes that ASEAN countries can follow ASMINDO’s footsteps by holding similar international exhibitions, thus creating a conducive ecosystem in the second circle in the Southeast Asian region.

IFFINA 2023 is expected to become a trendseter in the Southeast Asian region as a furniture and handicraft exhibition in the second circle, in line with this year’s tagline, “The New Sourcing Circle in Asia.” Just like China, which has 2 major furniture exhibitions in the first half of the year in March and September for the second half, this exhibition will facilitate the unmet needs of the global furniture market and is expected to bring promising business opportunities for furniture and handicraft industry players in Indonesia and the surrounding region.

IFFINA is not just a showcase of the best furniture and handicraft products from Indonesia. Beyond that, IFFINA serves as the right gathering point for industry players, government, and society to jointly support the development of an advanced furniture and handicraft industry ecosystem.

On this occasion, ASMINDO invites the entire community to support Indonesian furniture and handicraft products by choosing local products as quality and innovative alternatives. The support of all parties will be able to drive the growth of the Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry, making it more advanced and highly competitive in the global market.

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