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Annual volume of e-commerce in Kazakhstan has reached $2.86 billion

Kazakhstan’s retail e-commerce market witnessed substantial growth in 2022, with sales volumes reaching $2.859 billion, marking a significant increase of $660 million, or 30%, compared to the previous year. The country’s consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping, as evidenced by the 49 million online purchases made last year, up by 12.2 million (or 33%) from 2021.

Notably, the average purchase amount in online stores surpassed that of marketplaces by nearly 17%, indicating a robust performance for local e-commerce platforms. Furthermore, the average transaction amount on local platforms was nearly five times higher than that on international platforms, underscoring a strong preference among Kazakhstani consumers for local e-commerce services.

Implications for Local and International Businesses

This surge in e-commerce activity presents significant opportunities for both local and international businesses. The marked preference for local platforms suggests that local businesses have a substantial advantage and could further capitalize on this trend by enhancing their online presence and e-commerce capabilities. There is potential for growth in various sectors, particularly in fashion, electronics, home goods, and personal care products.

For international companies, the challenge is to bridge the gap in transaction volumes compared to local competitors. This could involve localizing their offerings more effectively, improving logistics and delivery solutions, or partnering with local platforms to increase their market penetration.

The continued growth of e-commerce in Kazakhstan also indicates a maturing market with potential for more sophisticated consumer preferences and demands. Companies operating in this space should consider investing in advanced analytics to better understand consumer behavior and preferences to tailor their marketing strategies and product offerings accordingly.

In conclusion, Kazakhstan’s e-commerce sector’s robust growth in 2022 highlights its vital role in the country’s retail landscape. Both local and international businesses need to assess their strategies in this dynamic market to tap into the ongoing shift towards online shopping.

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