Monday, April 15, 2024
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Contributing to the development of the global furniture industry

Furniture Affairs Intl. joined the World Furniture Confederation

Since February 2023, Furniture Affairs Intl. has joined the membership of the World Furniture Confederation (WFC) as an Associate Member of this organization. With our headquarters registered in Uzbekistan, Furniture Affairs Intl. is now the only member of the WFC keeping broad focus on the international trade and furniture markets of CIS countries, with particular attention to Central Asia and Transcaucasia, within our regional market studies and media activities.

The World Furniture Confederation was founded in Shanghai in 2007. The Confederation aims to play its role in and take its responsibility for the development of the global furniture industry, to build an international exchange platform where all members are equal and all members can help each other. In this way, the WFC makes its contribution to the sustained development of the furniture industry in each country and region.

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