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Trends shaping tomorrow's green spaces

16-18 Jun 2024 • spoga+gafa

Gardening today is richer and more diverse than ever, merging innovative tools, eco-friendly practices, CO2 neutral and recycled materials, along with the resurgence of self-sustaining gardens. These elements combine efficiency with sustainability in modern gardening. From 16th to 18th June 2024, the world’s largest garden and BBQ expo will showcase these very trends in the “garden creation & care” theme world.

Global exhibitors will unveil their latest innovations and offerings in garden care – ranging from plant cultivation, maintenance techniques, to the essential tools and machinery. Here’s a glimpse into the future of garden care trends.

Versatility at Its Best: Multifunctional Garden Tools

As gardens serve various functions, the tools for their upkeep are evolving to be more multifunctional. New electric devices now come with multiple attachments, serving as everything from a brush and grout cleaner to a lawnmower and edge trimmer. Additionally, quick-change systems are making vertical and horizontal plant moistening easier. The power for alliance initiative is boosting this versatility, with more manufacturers collaborating to ensure their diverse tools can operate with the same battery. Innovative tool sheds that are customizable and expandable are also part of this trend.

Gentle on Nature: Diverse Garden Care

With an increasing emphasis on flora and fauna protection, gardeners are turning to regional, natural products for garden care. Modern fertilizers, for instance, are being made from materials like clover or sheep’s wool. Utilizing homemade compost as fertilizer is another step towards eco-friendly plant care, supported by a variety of composter models. Chemical-free weed removal methods, including electronic ignition burners, are gaining popularity. Additionally, the cultivation of endangered plant species is contributing to biodiversity preservation.

The Self-Sufficiency Movement

The trend of growing one’s own herbs, fruits, and vegetables has gained momentum, spurred by rising food costs. Innovations like small greenhouses, plant towers, and pyramids are simplifying cultivation, even in limited spaces. Stackable trays and compact tools are especially beneficial for urban gardening. To combat heat in smaller outdoor areas, plant pots designed to withstand temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius are available, along with water butts that provide extra cultivation space with integrated plant holders.

Towards a Greener Industry

The garden industry is steadily becoming more eco-conscious. Many producers now rely on wind power and green electricity, with residual emissions offset by supporting reforestation and climate protection projects. A growing number of garden products are either 100 percent recyclable or CO2 neutral. Sustainable resources, like wood from responsibly managed forests, are increasingly chosen for greenhouse materials and plant support aids. Plant pots are also being crafted from natural materials such as seaweed, recycled wicker, or plastic.

About spoga+gafa

spoga+gafa stands as the globe’s premier garden and BBQ fair, establishing industry trends at its Cologne venue. This leading international fair convenes the green industry to discuss upcoming season trends and address current and future challenges. With a focus on innovations across garden bbq, garden creation & care, garden living, and garden unique, spoga+gafa is the ultimate destination for buyers across all trade forms. The Industry Garden Association e.V. (IVG) proudly sponsors spoga+gafa.

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