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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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New products showcase grilling diversity and innovation

16-18 Jun 2024 • spoga+gafa

The enthusiasm for BBQs and outdoor cooking continues to grow, driving diversification and specialization within the industry. As the range of grills, outdoor kitchens, and accessories expands, so do the demands for sophisticated food preparation methods. At the upcoming spoga+gafa, from 16 to 18 June 2024, exhibitors will unveil the latest advancements in the BBQ and outdoor cooking sector. Trade visitors can anticipate a wide, cosmopolitan array of offerings that set new benchmarks in performance, design, and sustainability.

Freely combinable: The personalisation of BBQs

The increasing passion for BBQs and outdoor cooking is transforming equipment demands. Today’s market features a variety of grills and outdoor kitchens catering to different fuels, sizes, and price categories, alongside a vast selection of accessories. Modular elements now enable personalized configurations of grills or outdoor kitchens to meet specific requirements, budgets, and garden spaces.

Down to the minute: More precision in food preparation

The BBQ sector is advancing rapidly. Modern appliances offer full power at the touch of a button and can reach temperatures up to 800 degrees in electric models. Digital displays facilitate precise heat settings, ensuring even heat distribution for juicier grilled food and reduced energy consumption. Complementary accessories include backburners with top heat functions and new gloves designed for extreme heat.

Hot revival: Updates for traditional appliances

While the past may seem simpler, traditional BBQ methods are making a comeback with modern updates. Classic appliances, such as XXL Mexican ovens, portable pizza ovens, and height-adjustable braziers, are being revived and upgraded. Cast iron pots and pans, along with leather BBQ gloves, enhance the traditional BBQ experience.

All-in-one: Versatile and mobile BBQ accessories

The culinary diversity of modern BBQs is mirrored in the versatility of today’s accessories. Current gadgets can be customized and combined with different brands of grill appliances. All-in-one accessories, such as cold smoke generators, enable various smoking techniques. Multipurpose items, like firewood shelves that double as benches, add to the comfort of outdoor adventures. Portable options, including foldable camping braziers, fast-action battery-run charcoal lighters, and portable BBQ lights, facilitate barbecuing on the go.

More conscious grilling: High-quality fuel demand

As technical equipment and accessories evolve, so do the demands for BBQ fuels. The trend is moving towards high-quality, sustainably produced charcoal and briquettes. Premium products, like hardwood charcoal for extended combustion and aromatic flavor, and low-odor Japanese binchotan charcoal, are gaining popularity. Many of these fuels are FSC-certified, supporting fair trade and sustainable forest management.

Today’s BBQ and outdoor cooking methods are far more advanced than the simple charcoal BBQs of the past. Modern BBQ models can cook a wide range of foods, from minute steaks to smoked salmon, pizza, and bread. The upcoming spoga+gafa will showcase new grills, outdoor kitchens, and accessories that enhance this culinary variety. From 16 to 18 June 2024, the garden lifestyle trade fair will once again provide a comprehensive overview of BBQ innovations.

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