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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Expanding the furniture business event scene in Malaysia

5-7 Sep 2024 • MFFM

The Malaysia Furniture Furnishings Market (MFFM) 2024, scheduled for 5 to 7 September at the World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTCKL), announces its inception as a newly developed trading platform. This event is strategically timed with the prime furniture trading season in September, aiming to facilitate an efficient and dynamic trading experience for both exhibitors and buyers within the thriving Malaysian furniture industry.

As a significant contributor to Malaysia’s economy, the furniture industry is recognized for its global reach and contribution to both domestic and international markets. Amidst the industry’s ongoing evolution, including the rise in e-commerce and an increased demand for smart and innovative furniture designs, MFFM 2024 serves as an initiative to support and enhance industry growth.

Designed as a comprehensive marketplace, MFFM 2024 will showcase a broad spectrum of furniture and furnishings, including essential materials and supplies necessary for furniture manufacturing. This platform aims to support the furniture industry’s continuous development by promoting collaboration and innovation among industry players.

The World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, selected as the venue for MFFM 2024, has been a longstanding site for Malaysian furniture trade exhibitions. Its central location and accessibility make it an ideal place for this key industry event.

MFFM 2024 presents exhibitors with an opportunity to reach new buyers, expand into the domestic and international market, boost their sales, and showcase a wide range of products to a diverse audience. The event is set to occur at a pivotal time, allowing participants to effectively explore new business opportunities in a well-organized and professional setting.

The exhibition will feature a wide array of products, from furniture to home décor, lifestyle products, and sustainable solutions. Attendees will include a cross-section of the industry, from importers and exporters to manufacturers, suppliers, e-commerce sellers, and interior designers, among others.

MFFM 2024’s offerings are tailored to meet the industry’s needs, including the sourcing of high-quality products, accessing manufacturing materials, and embracing sustainable sourcing practices. The event will also highlight the latest technological integrations in the sector and facilitate B2B matchmaking to connect exhibitors with potential buyers.

As MFFM 2024 gears up for its inaugural event, it stands poised to provide a valuable platform for the furniture and furnishings industry, facilitating business growth and networking opportunities in Malaysia and beyond.

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