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There are exciting new products, because a lot has changed in recent years

4-7 May 2021 • interzum @home

interzum @home, the 2021 digital edition of the international supplier trade fair for the furniture industry and interior design, starts on 4 May. The B2B event so important for decision makers continues to pursue the traditional task of the renowned live event interzum as a trendsetter for living and interior design. There are exciting new products, because a lot has changed in recent years – not least through actions like “Fridays for Future”, concepts of sustainability, climate sensitisation or the circular economy, for example, have been provided with new impulses and gained a high degree of public interest. These changes are also always reflected in the design and function of coming product solutions – as the exhibitors of interzum @home will demonstrate virtually in a few days.

The focus of the product premieres is especially on the megatrends of health, neo-ecology, safety, individualisation, connectivity, urbanisation, ageing societies and “New Work“. However, the sustained globalisation, knowledge culture and mobility are reflected in developments that will enrich the furniture industry and interiors in subsequent years.

For exhibitors who identify directly with wood as a raw material, sustainability is “naturally” at the very top of the agenda. Moulded wood specialist Fritz Becker from Brakel therefore shows ten prototypes from internationally renowned designers of moulded wood, moulded fleece and solid wood at his traditional design forum – all developments are based on the wood of the beech tree from sustainably cultivated forests in Germany.

For the company from the wooded Weser Uplands, design and sustainability are in any case two sides of the same coin. The interest of consumers in good formal design, significance and not least in reliability and health compatibility thus also increases with increasing environmental sensitization – as furnishing objects of wood now assure.

Global player and wood material pro Sonae Arauco is organising a digital round table at interzum @home that focuses both on the biological circular economy and on the importance of wood as a renewable raw material substituting for mineral-based products. Among the material premieres for the trade fair, the focus is on solutions for hybrid living and public spaces.

Also representative of this is the “Innovus Collection”: an honest and authentic materiality is transmitted thanks to the variety of decor variants in combination with five expressive surface textures. The familiar advantages of melamine resin coated plates thus merge with a surface feel similar to felt; security and a sense of home are communicated – or: “Feeling@Home”, as the manufacturer itself appropriately calls it.

“Safety first” is the motto of the Austrian film provider Senosan from Piesendorf in the state of Salzburg. Among other things, he presents the innovation “antibac” – an antibacterial coating for furniture films, including Anti-Fingerprint, which reduces bacteria and germs by 99.9 percent in 24 hours. The important “side effect”: thanks to the new technology, the usual use of controversial silver ions or copper sulphite coatings ise dispensed with.

As understood by the company, however, safety also means that of coming generations, meaning that thought is given in particular to resource protection thanks to the circular economy. The senosan ECO line, a new generation of furniture films consisting of plastic recycling material, pursues this approach. Environmentally-oriented economy has already been firmly anchored in the DNA of the company for many years now – this is a pledge that many exhibitors of interzum @home can surely also make in the meantime.

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